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We’re local experts in CNC Machine Technology. Whether you’re a referral or just shopping around – if you value helpful advice and solid customer service, you’ve come to the right place.


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We don’t sell. We simply make keen recommendations based on our client’s needs. Sometimes they need new machine, sometimes it’s a maintenance question, or other times just some help troubeshooting an issue. Whatever the case may be – hit us up and we’ll help you out.

Getting Specific

Your machine’s up-time, and your time, are valuable. Once you let us know what you need help with we’ll get back to you promptly with what we’d recommend as your best course of action.



If you know exactly what you need – awesome! If you’d like some help or an outside expert opinion, we’re happy to help!


Let us take care of that for you! We supply a lot of companies and are happy to navigate the process of getting your new machine into your facility.



Our staff is experienced and personable. If you need any help getting your team up-to-snuff on their new machine, we’re there!


We keep your machines in tip-top shape, ensuring that your facilities run smoothly day in and day out. Unsure how often you should be maintaining your machines? Has it been a while? We’re happy to help with a check-up and recommended scheduling based on usage.


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